Do. Tobell can boast of a long experience in the field of Medical Devices and Cosmetics for feet care and well-being. Established in 1978, thanks to continuous research and high production capacity – always characterized by high quality – the company based in Vicenza’s province is now recognized as one of the most important manufacturers of parapharmaceutical products in Europe.

Its business activity develops commercially in two directions: the manufacture of own-brand products and that for third parties, i.e. for the most important brands of foot care products in Italy and in Europe. For these companies, Do. Tobell is a valuable partner in terms of product customization and study of innovative products.

The research


The in-depth knowledge of this sector and the forty years expertise come together at Do. Tobell in the company specific vocation for research. As a matter of fact, Do. Tobell continuously designs, tests and produces new products to improve foot well-being and care, creating a very wide range of products. In particular, it has developed a careful research in the field of warts, an area of​ interest for an ever-increasing number of customers. The company has always been oriented to identify the best solutions: salicylic acid is in fact present in many plasters treating warts and corns because, after in-depth studies, it has been shown to be the most effective solution.

Many Do. Tobell products result from the close cooperation with companies that Do. Tobell supplies; also these companies carry out an intensive research, developing quality and effectiveness tests. All this translates into a great expertise in the field that allows the company to always be able to suggest winning solutions and become a reliable point of reference in the field of medical and cosmetic devices for the feet.

Quality by Do.Tobell


The quality of the raw materials used in the production by Do. Tobell goes hand in hand with the ability to offer the market a wide range of specific products for every need and issue.

Production flexibility, as well as the ability to identify the best solutions, to adapt also to the requests of the Customer Companies, and to customize each individual product, up to its packaging, make the company not only an excellent producer, but also an ideal partner.


Do.Tobell has always tried to provide greater value to its production system by certifying its processes and products.
Since 1998 its products are certified.
You can request the certificate you need directly from Do.Tobell.

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