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100% cotton BCI

Since May 2021 DO.TOBELL is a member of BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), the largest program in the world dedicated to the sustainability of cotton. Following the program guidelines, we began sourcing cotton grown and harvested by farmers trained to minimize the use of fertilizers and pesticides, use water and soil sustainably and promote principles of fairness in employment relationships.

TNT: water-repellent and breathable

The Spunbonded Non Woven Fabric in 100% Polypropylene is completely recyclable; in fact, companies specialized in this material regularly withdraw the trimmings and cuts that we do not use.
Spunbond is photodegradable and reusable
Water repellent permeable to air easy to cut soft non-abrasive non-toxic no-allergic

Non-woven material

It is produced with TENCEL and PLA (corn) fibres. It is biodegradable, without chemical product and low environment impact. It meets the European Standards concerning the dangerous substance requirements.
Composition: 70% Botanic fibres Tencel + 30% PLA
Approved Vegan
is a fiber that comes directly from the heart of the wood, a pure cellulose fiber, 100% biodegradable. The production of the fiber is extremely ecological, thanks to a patented closed-circuit processing system, which starts from nature and returns to it in an absolutely eco-compatible form.
  • Certified Closed Cycle: the production is revolutionary because the production process is based on a spinning process that represents the greatest success of cellulose fibers. The patented process makes TENCEL™ the fiber of the future, since the solvent used is 100% recycled within the production cycle. This process was awarded the “European prize for the environment” by the European Union.
  • Features: Soft and resistant, similar to viscose to the touch, breathable, light and comfortable. The surface of TENCEL™ fabrics is smooth and elastic, soft and pleasant on the skin.
  • Hypoallergenic: strongly reduces the formation of bacteria, because bacteria are born in humid conditions, TENCEL™, by absorbing humidity, prevents the formation of bacteria and also of dust mites.

The corn is processed in PLA (polyaptic acid), a polymer derived from plants rich in dextrose, a natural sugar also present in wheat and beets. PLA is an innovative bioplastic produced by NatureWorks Ingeo. It is a material derived from the transformation of sugars present in corn, beet, sugar cane and other natural and renewable materials and not derived from petroleum (unlike traditional plastic). The PLA is then “spun” creating an open staple of PLA microfiber, corn fiber. The corn fiber production process is carried out in full respect of the environment: the amount of “greenhouse effect” gas is less than that which would be produced for polyester and fossil fuel consumption is minimized. 
This bioplastic is biodegradable and compostable therefore it degrades rapidly in the soil once the necessary temperature and humidity conditions are reached.

Foam composed of 85% biodegradable raw materials

Antibacterial Vegan approved 18% natural fibers 78% natural latex (with wood fibers and other natural fillers) Contains a preservative (OIT molecule) that hinders and/or prevents the development of bad odors and microbial deterioration Shock-absorbing

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