Convenient and fast remedies against the fungus that affects the nails.

A fungal nail infection, also known as “onychomycosis”, is a disorder caused by microorganisms called mycetes. These fungi are responsible for the infection that involves redness, appearance of yellowish stains and brittleness of toenails and fingernails.
The nail affected by mycosis then becomes wrinkled, weak, more fragile: this is the reason why the epilogue involves the rise of the surface and the progressive detachment of the nail.

What are the situations in which fungal toenail infections take place?

These fungi o dermatophytes find their natural habitat in warm-humid places, they affect toenails more easily. Excessive sweating caused by heat and poor ventilation are deemed to be the first causes of mycosis, even though they are not the only ones.

Fungal toenail infection: how long does it last and how can it be healed?

The prognosis depends first of all on the severity and the progress of the disorder, as well as on the method used to treat it.
Nail enamels and ointments, although being the most widespread remedies, require time and a lot of caution during the application phase. However, although it is necessary to use these products also for a few months, the expected results are not always satisfactory.

Alternatively at pharmacies and para-pharmacies there is a new remedy available, which first of all speeds up the use time. Such remedy is Micomed®, a small disc-shaped plaster that has to be applied directly on the affected nail, resolving in an easy and effective way the problem of fungal toenail infections.

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Indications for the use of Micomed®:

  • Before each treatment, the affected part is to be immersed in warm water for about 10 minutes.
  • Once the foot has been dried, you just need to remove the disc from its transparent support and apply it directly on the nail. If the disc is larger than the mycotic nail, it has to be cut out to the right size so as to cover only the surface to be treated.
  • Then, the second occlusive plaster, applied above the first one, will guarantee the adhesion of the first one.

How long does a fungal toenail infection last if Micomed® is used?

It shall be specified that the antifungal plaster “Micomed®”, applied daily following the instructions, is able to eradicate the fungus in three weeks.

Compared to traditional products, this solution can truly be considered a great turning point in the treatment of fungal toenail infections given that, besides being very simple to be used, it will avoid the classic inconveniences caused by the use of ointments and nail enamels, which are inconvenient due to their drying times and the difficulty in limiting the application to the interested area only.

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